Our spare parts ranges are mainly composed of original parts and generic parts.


An original part is a part manufactured in compliance with the technical specifications and production standards provided by the boiler manufacturer, in relation to models for which these parts are destined to.

The notion of original part is linked to the manufacturer of the spare part and not to the boiler brands on which they are used.

Indeed, this part can be produced by several component manufacturers. The brand under which an original part is sold is irrelevant for its qualification as an original part.

The differences between our original parts and those distributed by the manufacturers are:

  • the packaging and the label,
  • the DIFF  logo-pièce-diffbrand.
  • the appearance of the part may be different as several manufacturers can meet the specifications.

logo-pièce-diff original branded parts are guaranteed by their respective manufacturers, and their use cannot legally lead to an exclusion of warranty from boiler manufacturers.

GENERIC PACKAGING PARTS DIFF -  logo isotherm isotherm®

Generic parts have a quality level equivalent to the original parts sold by the manufacturers.

They are designed, manufactured and tested by the company isotherm®, and offer all the guarantees of interchangeability, technicality and quality at least equivalent to the original manufacturer parts they replace.

Isotherm parts have, whenever it is possible, some differences in shape and colour:

  • the stamp  logo isotherm is generally put to the isotherm® parts,
  • the brand logo isothermisotherm®is mentioned on the packaging, logo-pièce-diff,
  • the indication ADVANTAGE (better level of quality and durability) or PARTICULARITY (same level of quality and durability but different appearance) is mentioned on the label, and also in our catalogue.

These generic parts are guaranteed by isotherm® and their use cannot legally lead to an exclusion of warranty from boiler manufacturers.

logo-pièce-diff has been ISO 9001 certified since 2002.  Certification iso 9001


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